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Help understanding an error

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Gurudatha Pai
Gurudatha Pai on 2 Mar 2012
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Hello all,
I am in a simple situation with an error that doesn't tell you a whole lot. I have a plot that I want to save as a jpeg image. I get this error.
See screen shot
But I was able to save it as a .fig file but not any other graphics file. I also tried printing directly, which also works (so apparently no problem with the print driver or even perhaps windows printing services)!
I would appreciate any help/comments/try-this.
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Gurudatha Pai
Gurudatha Pai on 2 Mar 2012
I should now mention that I was able to save as eps.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Mar 2012
I find a hint that it might be memory shortage:
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Gurudatha Pai
Gurudatha Pai on 2 Mar 2012
that sounds interesting and possible.. thanks, I will poke around a bit with clearing some variables.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Mar 2012
Questions about saving figures are the most commonly asked questions since it never seems to go right, that's why export_fig is far and away the most download File Exchange submission. It may well solve your problem if it's not some hardware issue like not enough RAM. As long as your figure fits on your screen I doubt that it should be a memory issue. I use export_fig all the time to save entire screenshots as PNG format files (which you probably should also) with no problem, and jpg files take up less space than PNG files (at the cost of a poorer image).

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