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Applying a border to Excel cells when using COM

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I am writing simulation results from Matlab to Excel. In order to make it easier to read I apply some formating to the output. It works fine to change font size, font color, number format etc but applying a border around a selected number of cells doesn't work.
% -- Create excel sheet --
AppObj = actxserver('Excel.Application');
AppObj.Visible = true;
WkbkObj = AppObj.Workbooks;
DataWkbkObj = WkbkObj.Add;
DataWkbkObj.Sheets.Add().Name = 'Test';
DataSheetObj = DataWkbkObj.Sheets.Item('Test');
% -- Write some data --
DataSheetObj.Range('B2').Value = 43;
DataSheetObj.Range('B3').Value = 5;
DataSheetObj.Range('B4').Value = 7;
% -- Apply blue color --
DataSheetObj.Range('B2:B4').Font.Color = -4165632;
% -- Change number format --
DataSheetObj.Range('B2:B4').NumberFormat = '0,00';
% -- Apply a line on the left side --
DataSheetObj.Range('B2:B4').Borders('xlEdgeLeft').LineStyle = 'xlContinuous';
DataSheetObj.Range('B2:B4').Borders('xlEdgeLeft').Weight = 'xlMedium';
The last two lines doesn't work. The problem is the 'xlEdgeLeft' part. I have tried to analyze the object and use constant values without result. Any ideas?

Accepted Answer

Abhinav Gurram
Abhinav Gurram on 11 Nov 2016
To apply specific borders to a range of cells in Excel, you would be required to use the 'Borders.Item' property that returns a Border object, as listed in the MSDN reference here: Borders.Item Property.
In order to set the border style for the range of cells in your example program, you can modify the last two statements as:
DataSheetObj.Range('B2:B4').Borders.Item('xlEdgeLeft').LineStyle = 1;
DataSheetObj.Range('B2:B4').Borders.Item('xlEdgeLeft').Weight = -4138;
Hope this helps!
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Steven on 27 Sep 2019
This does not work on R2019a. I get this error:
Expected one output from a curly brace or dot indexing expression, but there were 5 results.

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