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After developing a GUI programmatically in 2014b, why would I experience issues viewing the completed GUI in 2015b?

Asked by Tristan Louden on 7 Nov 2016
Latest activity Edited by Tristan Louden on 7 Nov 2016
I know that a large graphics update was implemented when transitioning from anything prior to 2014b to 2014b or newer but why would issues still arise when simply running a 2014b programmatically developed GUI in 2015b? I built the GUI without GUIDE and already found it useful to declare the Parent of each component I wanted to place in its respective container while also stacking the components in the order each would be placed on the figure window. When the GUI initialization script is ran, the figure window is built but only a handful of components actually appear in the figure window while the rest are "invisible" even after declaring visibility for each component. What other changes need to be made to build a working and completed 2014b GUI in 2015b?


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