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Reading in 1-D array data to Simulink error

Asked by Ted Yang on 10 Nov 2016
Latest activity Edited by Ted Yang on 14 Nov 2016
Hi all,
Trying to reading altitude, latitude, and longitude as well as aircraft attitude data into my Simulink model and sending these to FlightGear in order to visualise aircraft behaviour. I am not sure what blocks to use but I am encountering the following error:
As you can see, the data array I am sending in is a 1x9945 row array, however the individual elements are required within which needed to sync and sent to FlightGear6doF animation block. Appreciated if anyone could give some pointer on how to do this properly.


Hi all, I manage to run the simulation by converting all my data set into a Matlab Timeseries object and send in the input using the simin(from workspace) function block.
Despite being able to run the simulations, it seemed that I am still having trouble with reading in the correct inputs from the work space with simulink simulation time. Anyone had any suggestions?
UPDATE: I was able to read in the correct input by NOT including the actual time recorded in the TimeSeries object. And simply change my timeseries variable to only include the data only ex. tsuvel = timeseries(u).

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1 Answer

Answer by Ted Yang on 14 Nov 2016
Edited by Ted Yang on 14 Nov 2016
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Thanks everyone who has taken the time to look at the question and replied. This question is now resolved. Please see the comment section above.


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