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accessing double arrays in a multidimensional array

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cgenes on 22 Nov 2016
Commented: cgenes on 22 Nov 2016
Hi I have an array which is 256x156x1056 double. (X,Y,Z [where the Z has it's own X,Y])
1) How do you access the double? - i've read the documentation but it's not so clear to me i've tried C(1,1,1) for instance and it gives me a single value - -but I want the double value - i've tried C(1,1,{1,1}} but it doesn't like that 2) I also want an average Z[x,y] over a cropped area of X,Y (i.e. 50x50x1056 double) -basically combine all that Z info into a single graph
any suggestions?

Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 22 Nov 2016
A = your 256x256x1056 array
B = mean(A,3); % <-- average of A over the 3rd dimension
C = mean(A(1:50,1:50,:),3); % <--average of 50x50 corner of A over the 3rd dimension
cgenes on 22 Nov 2016
OK so in my array (output from cytospec) there is only 1 array of numbers in Z (the other array of numbers for the X values are held in a metafile - very confusing)

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