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R2016b mcc failure "Could not determine class of method"

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Adrian on 1 Dec 2016
Edited: Marvic Attard on 12 Jun 2018
I call mcc as follows (both from MATLAB and from command-line mcc):
mcc -C -m /path/to/mccHelloworld.m -a /path/to/my/libraries
And I get the following error in one of the libraries:
Error using matlab.depfun.internal.MatlabSymbol/proxy (line 428)
Internal Error: Could not determine class of method
Number of classes checked: 19.
and mcc quits with a segmentation violation and "return status = 137 (0x89)". mcchelloworld.m is just a method that displays 'hi';
The file medicalDataset.m there is a class definition (you can actually see it on github). If I omit that particular piece of code (medicalDataset.m) from the libraries path, then the error is thrown by another class definition somewhere else.
I've looked online and the closest I've come to is this: , but the suggestion there doesn't seem to fit here.
The code compiles fine with R2013b's mcc.
Anyone have any suggestions or pointers?

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