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Matlab with HiDPI... is still an issue on Linux(?)

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I wonder if there is a solution for the small interface issue that Matlab has on HiDPI screen under Linux. It is becoming a real messy working intensively, especially with AppDesigner that suffers also because you cannot change the font size in the editor.
Thanks for the help.


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Dec 2016
No, unfortunately as of R2016b the issue is not resolved.

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Fabio Garofalo
Fabio Garofalo on 17 Dec 2016
I accept your answer... both not the fact that matlab developers are underestimating (and they did for LONG time) this issue. I think that it is almost impossible to work for long time with this problem. However, thanks!

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Jacopo Antonello
Jacopo Antonello on 6 Oct 2017
MathWorks suggested the following procedure, which works well for me (R2017b). Quoting from their email:
Tuning a high-DPI Linux system requires two steps
  • Setting the MATLAB scale factor
  • Calibrating the system's DPI
The MATLAB scale factor affects MATLAB desktop and the size/position of windows. The system DPI determines the scale and font size of axes and labels. To set the MATLAB scale factor, please use the following MATLAB commands:
>> s = settings;s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor
>> s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor.PersonalValue = 1.5
To calibrate the system DPI to match the scale facto, please use the following terminal commands :
% xdpyinfo | grep resolution
resolution: 96x96 dots per inch
% xrandr --dpi 144
The DPI value chosen should be the resolution found with xdpyinfo multiplied by the MATLAB scale factor that was set. In the example, 96 × 1.5 = 144.
MATLAB must be restarted after Step 2.


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Xing He
Xing He on 1 Jun 2018
Works well for Matlab 2017b on Ubuntu 16.04! I only used the first commands for matlab. No calibration for system. Thanks!
Rian Hughes
Rian Hughes on 11 Jul 2018
Works Like a charm! I used a personal factor of 2.5, but it's all personal preference. Thanks! :)
Ben Zhang
Ben Zhang on 2 Mar 2020
This worked well for MATLAB, but Simulink still has the same issue. Any idea on how to resolve that?

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Brian Chen
Brian Chen on 10 Mar 2017
Has this issue been resolved in R2017a?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Apr 2017
You could start a support case on the topic and ask, and get told the answer under Non-Disclosure. The volunteers who answer questions here cannot reveal anything they might happen to have learned under Non-Disclosure.
marvin rüppel
marvin rüppel on 17 May 2017
THis is terrible. Matlab is extremely inconvenient to use with the extremely small symbols.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 May 2017
I recommend you raise the matter as a support case. Any of the volunteers who might happen to know something about the situation would not be permitted to comment about it.

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Abhinuv Pitale
Abhinuv Pitale on 4 Sep 2018
This worked really well for me on Ubuntu 16.04
>> s = settings;s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor
>> s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor.PersonalValue = 1.5
Additionally, I changed font properties in Preferences -> Font to higher font values.


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