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Why are map limit and frame limit not aligned when zooming in ?

Hi, I can't find an answer to a very simple question, using the Mapping Toolbox: why my map and my frame limits are not aligned when I zoom in ? Here is my code, creating a map of the world:
ax = worldmap('World');
setm(ax, 'Origin', [0 25 0], 'FFaceColor',[228, 230, 234]/255)
land = shaperead('landareas', 'UseGeoCoords', true);
geoshow(ax, land, 'FaceColor', [163, 163, 194]/255,'EdgeColor',[133, 133, 173]/255)
Here is what I get, with original scale:
When I try to zoom in, the frame edge is not aligned with the map edge anymore for some obscure reason:
Am I missing something here? I tried to play with tightmap to remove this empty space introduced when zooming, but it has no effect.
Any idea ?
Thanks a bunch!


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Answer by Rylan Dmello on 28 Dec 2016
Edited by Rylan Dmello on 28 Dec 2016
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Hello Guillaume, this may be occurring due to the 'Clipping' property on the axes object being set to 'on' by default. Try disabling clipping on the axes:
>> ax.Clipping = 'off';
See the below image for the result of this command with your code:

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