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Error using reshape To RESHAPE the number of elements must not change.

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Andi Juwandi Karmita
Andi Juwandi Karmita on 27 Dec 2016
Answered: alok dhaundiyal on 17 Nov 2020
please help me. how to fix it ?


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KSSV on 27 Dec 2016
When you try to reshape a given matrix into another matrix, the total number of elements should not change, if not it will throw an error. In your case check numel(y) and xb*64 they must be equal for successful reshape.


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KSSV on 29 Dec 2016
Find out what is numel(y), and numel(xb)...
numel(y) = numel(xb)*64 for reshape. If not in place of 64, you have to use numel(y)/numel(xb). Note that numel(y)/numel(xb) must be an integer.
Andi Juwandi Karmita
Andi Juwandi Karmita on 30 Dec 2016
I can not seem to find it . Can you give the exact answer sir? thanks before

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