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Call of a jar-file (compiled with matlab), throw complete stack (of matlab errors) back to java

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I'm trying to integrate a compiled matlab-programm (as a jar-file) into a java-environment.
1) Is it possible to get a complete stack-trace back to original calling jar-file out of matlab? (Line numbers, functions, ...)
Up to now, it seems that I've to use something like that:
msgText = getReport(ME,'extended','hyperlinks','off');
msgText2 = regexprep(msgText,'\s+',' ');
baseException = MException(msgID,msgText2);
2) Is it possible that the all exceptions are formated in that way, without defining a try-catch-block around the whole function?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan on 19 Jan 2017
1.The message text and stack information would be available in an 'MWException' class in Java. You can use a try/catch on the java side to capture the same. Refer the following example:
foo.Class1 c = new foo.Class1();;
catch(MWException e){
2. Since MWExceptions don’t include the message id, you can write a small function to capture the desired information rather than include it in each try catch.

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