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How to fit axes to contourm plot?

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Hello, I'm trying to create a map of mean wind speed in the region of Greece. My lat and lon are coming from the variables XLAT and XLONG respectively and the variable WS_mean contains the data I want to map. My code is:
axesm ('MapProjection', 'lambert', 'MapLatLimit', [min(min(double(XLAT))) max(max(double(XLAT)))],'MapLonLimit', [min(min(double(XLONG))) max(max(double(XLONG)))],'Frame','on','Grid','on', 'MeridianLabel', 'on', 'ParallelLabel', 'on');
geoshow ('landareas.shp','FaceColor','white', 'FaceAlpha',0,'Linewidth',2)
I'm attaching the resulting figure. As you can see the axes are not properly aligned with the result of the contourm. I've tried all of the MapProjections and none is fitting my needs. How do I fit the axes to the contourm plot? Or is something wrong with the way i'm depicting the data with the contourm command??
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

George Koh
George Koh on 15 Jan 2017
Edited: George Koh on 15 Jan 2017
I solved it by using the properties of axesm, Origin,FLatLimit, FLonLimit instead of MapLatLimit and MapLonLimit
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Jun 2017
Muhammad Usman Saleem comments to George Koh:
Need more explaination for this answer

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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 8 Jan 2017
[min(min(double(XLAT))) max(max(double(XLAT)))]
fix this in this manner
[(min(double(XLAT)) max(double(XLAT))]
let me know after check?
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George Koh
George Koh on 8 Jan 2017
Thanks for answering. Tried that and did not work. My XLAT and XLONG are 228x174 and doing what you suggested returns an ans 1x174. The MapLatLimit requires two numbers as inputs in its brackets.

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Nithin Sivadas
Nithin Sivadas on 30 Sep 2018

There is another way to fix this. Turns out that when one uses contourm(), sometimes the Cartesian axes limits change. I am assuming this is a bug. I found a solution to be to store the Cartesian limits before the contourm() and replace the buggy limits with it, after executing the function like this:

ax = gca;
xlim = ax.XLim;
ylim = ax.YLim;
ax.XLim = xlim;
ax.YLim = ylim;

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