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Tracking a point in a video and plot graphs

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Burak Vur
Burak Vur on 12 Jan 2017
Commented: stephen jose on 6 May 2020
I want to track the motion of a double pendulum that is released from different angles, i have no idea about how i can track something in MatLab. I recorded several videos of the double pendulum, now i wanted to set a dot/point on the lower and upper pendulum in MatLab, but it is not that easy as i thought. I would be nice, if anyone could explain me some basics steps or so. Many thanks in advance for your answers.

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stephen jose
stephen jose on 6 May 2020
hi, i am working on a simlar project as you did except i am tracking points marked on a surface and then tracking those point coordinates while streching, if you found the answer to your problem please leave a reply. Thanks

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Vishal Neelagiri
Vishal Neelagiri on 17 Jan 2017
You can use the Computer Vision System Toolbox to track motion of objects in a video. You can refer to the following documentation link for a detailed description on this:


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