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How to store the results from an iteration process?

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Andes on 31 Jan 2017
Commented: Andes on 1 Feb 2017
I need to store the results from a iteration similar to this: clear all A = (1:10)'; for i = 1:2 for x=[5 11] B = A * x; end C(:,i) = B; end but here only the last result is stored. I need this: C =[A*5,A*11] but with an iteration process similar to the above code. Any suggestions... Thank you very much in advance!

Accepted Answer

Niels on 31 Jan 2017
maybe this does what you want
clear all
A = (1:10)';
x=[5 11];
for i = 1:2
C(:,i) = A * x(i);
if it does, you forgot to index x, you had 1 loop to much. for any i x would be 5 and 11.
and you forgot to preallocate C

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 31 Jan 2017
You have one too many for-loops
clear all
A = (1:10)';
x = [5,11];
for i = 1:2
C(:,i) = A * x(i);

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