How to solve this error?

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Biza Ferreira
Biza Ferreira on 3 Feb 2017
Commented: Torsten on 3 Feb 2017
Hello Friends, I have a small problem, I am solving a first order equation problem, and i use euler, heund, range-kutta, and ode45 methods, so when I try display a table in the matlab command Window devolve me the following error:
Error using horzcat Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
if true
% code
clear all
format short g
dim = length(t);
disp('------METODO EULER, EULER MOD., HEUN , RUNGE-KUTTA, ODE23 , ODE45 , ODE113 , SOL. EXATA------');
disp('t(i) ye(i) yem(i) yh(i) yk(i) y23(i) y45(i) y113(i) sol. exacta');
disp([t(1:dim), ya(1:dim) , yb(1:dim) , yc(1:dim) , yd(1:dim) , y23(1:dim) , y45(1:dim) , y113(1:dim) , yx(1:dim)])
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Torsten on 3 Feb 2017
Check where the error happens.
If it happens in the line
disp([t(1:dim), ya(1:dim) , yb(1:dim) , yc(1:dim) , yd(1:dim) , y23(1:dim) ,...
check whether the length of t is the same after each call to the respective integrator.
Best wishes

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