Can't open Simulink — undefined function or variable 'slLibraryBrowser'

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I have MATLAB R2016b, full installation, OS X 10.11.6. I attempt to open a .slx file (created in MATLAB R2016b on my other machine) and get the following response:
Warning: Undefined variable "SlCovCC" or class "SlCovCC.ConfigComp".
> In openmdl (line 12)
In openslx (line 9)
In open (line 159)
In uiopen (line 167)
ans =
Undefined function or variable 'slLibraryBrowser'.
Simulink.scopes.ScopeBlockSpecification failed to load
Simulink.scopes.TimeScopeBlockCfg failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.ExtensionSystem failed to load
Simulink.scopes.TimeScopeBlockExtensionSystem failed to load
Simulink.scopes.BlockScopeConfiguration failed to load
Simulink.scopes.TimeScopeConfiguration failed to load
Simulink.scopes.source.PlaybackControls failed to load
uiscopes.State failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.UnifiedScope failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.visual.TimeDomainVisual failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.visual.DisplayVisual failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.tool.PlotNavigation failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.tool.Autoscaler failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.tool.Measurements failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.GeneralUIOptions failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.SourceUIOptions failed to load
Simulink.scopes.source.WiredSource failed to load
uiservices.updaters.SynchronousToggle failed to load
uiscopes.updater.SynchronousToggle failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.AbstractMeasurement failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.AbstractCursors failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.TimeCursors failed to load
dialogmgr.DialogContent failed to load
dialogmgr.DialogPresenter failed to load
dialogmgr.DPVerticalPanel failed to load
dialogmgr.DialogBorder failed to load
dialogmgr.DBTopBar failed to load
dialogmgr.Dialog failed to load
dialogmgr.IntegerStreamGenerator failed to load
dialogmgr.SplitterControl failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.ResizableDialogContent failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.AbstractMeasurementDialog failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.AbstractCursorsDialog failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.TimeCursorsDialog failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.TriggersDialog failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.TogglePanelGroup failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.TraceSelectionDialog failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.AbstractCursorsHandler failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.TriggersCursorsHandler failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.DualCursorsHandler failed to load
matlabshared.scopes.measurements.MeasurementPanel failed to load
The Simulink file opens, and I can see my blocks, but none of the expected buttons (Run, Settings, Library, etc) are present. See screenshot.
If I enter `simulink` in the general MATLAB prompt, I get the following:
Warning: The following error was caught while executing
'sltemplate.internal.observers.SimulinkHistoryObserver' class destructor:
Struct contents reference from a non-struct array object.
Error in sltemplate.internal.observers.SimulinkHistoryObserver/delete
Error in sltemplate.internal.observers.attach
Error in sltemplate.internal.GalleryController
Error in sltemplate.ui.Gallery
Error in sltemplate.ui.Gallery
Error in sltemplate.ui.Gallery/instance
Error in sltemplate.ui.Gallery/getInstance
Error in
Error in sltemplate.ui.Gallery.showCustomView
Error in
Error in sltemplate.ui.StartPage/showStartPageFallback
Error in
> In sltemplate.internal.observers.attach
In sltemplate.internal.GalleryController
In sltemplate.ui.Gallery
In sltemplate.ui.Gallery/getInstance/acquireDialog
In sltemplate.ui.Gallery/instance
In sltemplate.ui.Gallery/getInstance
In sltemplate.ui.Gallery.showCustomView
In sltemplate.ui.StartPage>@()sltemplate.ui.Gallery.showCustomView('Start',varargin{:})
In sltemplate.ui.StartPage/showStartPageFallback
Warning: The specified superclass 'slhistory.MRUListMonitor' contains a parse error,
cannot be found on MATLAB's search path, or is shadowed by another file with the same
> In sltemplate.ui.StartPage/showStartPageFallback
Undefined function or variable 'slLibraryBrowser'.
The last is a hard error (red), and no Simulink windows open.
I have tried reinstalling the Simulink toolbox, to no avail.

Accepted Answer

Ankit Bhatnagar
Ankit Bhatnagar on 9 Feb 2017
I understand that you are unable to open Simulink properly.
Firstly, this could be a license checkout issue. Check to see that the following command gives an output of 1.
>> license('checkout','SIMULINK')
Secondly, there may have been changes to the MATLAB path or settings. To restore the default path and clear cache, run the following commands in the command line and also delete the contents of the MATLAB prefdir which can be found by typing 'prefdir'.
>>rehash toolboxcache
Finally, if this doesn't work, you would need to unistall and reinstall MATLAB and Simulink.

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