How to write a loop for adding number

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Jim on 15 Mar 2012
I have 52 values a,b,c........
I need to do like below
b=a+b; c=b+c; d=c+d;............for all 52 values
How can I do this by writing a loop?
Thanks in advance

Answers (2)

Geoff on 15 Mar 2012
If you think about what you're doing, it's just a cumulative sum.
Put all your variables into a vector:
vec = [a b c d .... ];
And use the cumulative sum.
out = cumsum(vec);
No loop necessary.

Jan on 15 Mar 2012
Creating 52 different variables is less efficient than creating a [1 x 52] vector. Then the cumsum approach will be easy.


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