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C++ Mex File Crashing Intermittently

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Kevin on 16 Mar 2012
I am compiling and using a C++ mex function in Matlab 2011b.
The mex file is acting very strangely. About half of the time it crashes while the other half it does not crash and runs all of the way through.
Does anyone have any ideas what would cause a Mex file to work intermittently that is called from the same place and the same way?

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Geoff on 16 Mar 2012
Sounds to me like you're doing something dodgey inside the C++ code. Specifically, a buffer overrun or invalid pointer access. These have a habit of causing intermittent problems. If your code is not too lengthy or commercially sensitive, feel free to post it.
Geoff on 19 Mar 2012
Hehe, I thought so =) No worries, and glad you got it sorted.

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Jan on 16 Mar 2012
It is impossible to guess the reason without seeing the code.
You can use a debugger to find the problem. Even some print commands allow to find the line, which causes the crash.

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