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Get output of a callback-function (pointer-like)

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Vincent on 16 Mar 2012
I'm using this function for filtering a list with a callback-function Have a look at the example.mat for what my code does... When filtering a list, I put the example.mat into a function and call
filtered = filterList(list);
filterList sets now the KeyPressFcn as shown in the example of the link above. When this function is evaluated, it calls a function handle to work on the output. How can I now pass the function handles output tomy filterList-function and pass the output to the filtered-variable?
Sounds quite confusing, but I'd appreciate any help very much :-)

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Vincent on 16 Mar 2012
I found a solution which is rather very unbeautiful: My function handle uses a persistent-variable and my filter-function waits in a while-loop until this one changes...

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