How to create and insert a name for a block in simulink?

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Hello All,
I'm trying to create a control system diagram as in the attached image file. Can anyone please give me a hint of how to insert names as in the blocks? Any help is appreciated!

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 15 Feb 2017
I assume you are trying to find which blocks to use in Simulink in order to model the system in your attached image.
Please use the following tutorial to get yourself started:
The tutorial video below also looks helpful:
From what I see, the blocks that you may need include (but are not limited to): Gain, Sum, Integrator, and Transfer Fcn. There are also multiple ways implementing the same system in Simulink. Please first use the above tutorials to get yourself familiar with the Simulink environment.
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Ben Le
Ben Le on 16 Feb 2017
Thank you, Michelle! I'm new and a seasoned matlab user. Your links are helpful - Thanks again!

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