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jiarui zhang
jiarui zhang on 17 Feb 2017
Commented: Diego Roa on 21 Nov 2022
In Appdesigner, I create a app.UIAxes and a app.Button, how to write a callback to use this app.UIAxes to plot a step response using the command 'step(tf)' when I push down this Button.
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Diego Roa
Diego Roa on 21 Nov 2022
R = app.Resistencia.Value;
H=tf([0 1],[1 1/(R*C)])

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Sindhuja Parimalarangan
Sindhuja Parimalarangan on 21 Feb 2017
You can extract the output of the step function and use the "plot" function in App Designer. Here is an example callback function for the Button :
% Button pushed function: PlotButton
function PlotButtonPushed(app, event)
tf = 1:3:100;
a = [-0.5572,-0.7814;0.7814,0];
b = [1,-1;0,2];
c = [1.9691,6.4493];
sys = ss(a,b,c,0);
[y,t] = step(sys);
This link has guidelines on how to write a callback function for a Button to plot on UIAxes.
You could execute the "step" function in MATLAB to figure out how to extract relevant data from the output of the "step" function for plotting.

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