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StateFlow symbol could resolve to multiple data?

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Toby on 20 Feb 2017
Answered: Mark McBroom on 19 Mar 2017
I'm learning StateFlow in order to implement a braking algorithm using Simulink (2015b).
I configured the inputs using the "Explore" window:
When I try to start the simulation, I get the error "Symbol 'x_brk' could resolve to the data 'x_brk', or to the data 'x_brk' of the same name. Please rename one of these objects." As far as I can tell, though, x_brk is only defined as in input.
I also get the error "Error in port widths or dimensions. Invalid dimension has been specified for input 'x_brk'." This is confusing because I believe the inputs are configured to inherit their dimensions from Simulink (size: -1).
I'm sure I'm missing something big, being new to StateFlow. I'd appreciate insights on what's going on here.
Thanks, Toby.

Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 19 Mar 2017
I am guessing that the duplicate symbol error is from the argument you are using for the MATLAB Function. Try changing the argument 'x_brk' to something else.

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