Does the import of Report Generator work with Maltab Compiler?

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Hendrik Meyer
Hendrik Meyer on 23 Feb 2017
Commented: farzad on 21 May 2020
I am writing a MATLAB Programm in MATLAB R2014b, which has to generate a Report, when the user presses a button. For the Report I am using MATLAB Report Generator.
I created a Word-Template with DOM-Object in it. In MATLAB I Import the mlreportgen.dom.*-class, look for the holes and fill them with data. This works very well in MATLAB. But when I create a standalone Tool with MATLAB Compiler, an error occurs.
This is my code:
import mlreportgen.dom.*;
doc = Document(docname, 'docx', 'Template\my_template');
currentHoleId = moveToNextHole(doc); %here the error occurs
Switch currentHoleId
case 'hole'
this is my error, which is shown in the created log file:
'Error using mlreportgen.dom.Document/moveToNextHole Unable to check out a Report Generator license. Reason: ' ' '
Does anyone know how I can solve the Problem?

Accepted Answer

Faiz Gouri
Faiz Gouri on 27 Feb 2017
If your application uses DOM-based report generation program, make sure to call "makeDOMCompilable()" before using any report generation functions.

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