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Can I connect to OLAP cube using Database Tlbx?

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I would like to feed data from OLAP cube directly to MATLAB. Is it possible with Database Toolbox?

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Ankita Nargundkar
Ankita Nargundkar on 9 Mar 2017
Database Toolbox does not provide built-in support for OLAP databases. If you are using OLAP Databases such as Microsoft Analysis services that use XMLA-over-TCP. They do not have natively supported JDBC or ODBC drivers. However, there does appear to be third party JDBC drivers which use XMLA-over-TCP to communicate with these databases. For example, there is a library Jdbc4Olap which provides one such JDBC driver. You may be able to use that driver with the Database Toolbox to be able to connect to these types of databases.
1. Installing the driver on your system:
Installation information for the driver should be provided by its author, but for most drivers you simply must copy a .jar file to somewhere on your Java classpath. Refer to the following documentation page for more information concerning the Java classpath:
2. Once the driver is installed:
Refer to the following documentation pages for more information about how to connect to the database using the installed JDBC compliant driver:
See the "JDBC-Compliant Databases" section on this page:
See the "Connect to Sybase Using a JDBC Driver URL" section on this page:
The README provided with the Jdbc4Olap driver provides information on what URL to use to connect to your database. In each URL the "server" and "port" should be replaced based with your database connectiong information. For example, if your database is located at "" and port "22222" then the URL would look similar to one of the following:
'jdbc:jdbc4olap:' or 'jdbc:jdbc4olap:' or 'jdbc:jdbc4olap:'
The URLs above are used to connect to Microsoft Analysis Services, Mondrian, and SAP BW respectively.

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Michal Grotowski
Michal Grotowski on 10 Mar 2017
Thanks a lot for detailed answer. I wasn't aware about these Jdbc4Olap driver. It seems to be worth trying.

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