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How to determine area of intersection in ellipse?

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Ganeshkumar M
Ganeshkumar M on 8 Mar 2017
Answered: Image Analyst on 8 Mar 2017
Hi guys i used the fit_ellipse code by Gal to fit an ellipse to my scatter plot.
I have 2 ellipses that intersect with one another as shown and have several parameters obtained from the script for both ellipses
a: 0.8740
b: 0.4865
phi: 0.4669
X0: -1.4569
Y0: -1.7190
X0_in: -2.0746
Y0_in: -0.8793
long_axis: 1.7480
short_axis: 0.9731
status: ''
a: 0.9021
b: 0.3466
phi: 0.4354
X0: -0.6578
Y0: -1.6598
X0_in: -1.2965
Y0_in: -1.2275
long_axis: 1.8041
short_axis: 0.6933
status: ''
where X0, Y0 are centre of origin of non tilted and X0_in,Y0_in are centres of the tilted ellipse, phi is rotation
Would really like to know how to determine the area of intersection of the 2 ellipses to determine the extent of overlap. Should i use an ellipse code or can i use differentiation? Thank you!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Mar 2017
Try Google:* Lots of leads there. Maybe there is an analytical/mathematical solution.
Otherwise, you can do it numerically pretty simply using poly2mask if you have the perimeter coordinates or using sum and ampersand if you have binary images with the ellipses in them..


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