undistortImage function gives out all black image

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Mohamad Safhire
Mohamad Safhire on 9 Mar 2017
Answered: Vinoth Venkatesan on 26 Oct 2020
This is my first time using the undistortImage function of the computer vision system toolbox in matlab but somehow every image that i try to use with the undistortImage function gives a blank image everytime. I used the camera calibration app to get my camera parameters. Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong?
originalImage = imread(imageFileNames{20});
undistortedImage = undistortImage(originalImage, cameraParams);
figure; imshow(undistortedImage)
here is the camera parameters
here is the originalImage square size are 100mmx100mm
here is the output image

Answers (1)

Vinoth Venkatesan
Vinoth Venkatesan on 26 Oct 2020
This looks like it could be an issue with the calibration. Try to use a checkerbord with more squares and have the checkerboard cover as much of the field-of-view as possible.
Another thing to try is to set the 'OutputView' name-value argument in 'undistortImage' to 'full'.
Refer here for some tips for preparing the checkerboard and capturing calibration images.

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