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How to compile .tlc to .mexw64 or obtain source .c file

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Matthieu Capuano
Matthieu Capuano on 24 Mar 2017
Commented: Matthieu Capuano on 24 Mar 2017
After recently switching to the Pixhawk PSP for R2016a I had to make a change to the disarmed servo output of the PWM_output block. I changed the default output in the sfun_px4_pwm.tlc file from 900 microseconds PWM to 1500 microseconds because my servos have a range of 1000 - 2000 and I need them to stay at 90 degrees when disarmed. However, I am now getting an Invalid MEX-file error. I'm not very familiar with .tlcs and .mexw64s but I understand that the mex file is a compiled c file into a MATLAB executable format. I installed MS Visual C++ and support for MinGW-w64 to be able to compile files into this format but apparently cannot do it from the .tlc.
Is there any way to compile this edited .tlc file into a .mexw64 file? Or do I need the original sfun_px4_pwm.c? In which case, where can I get it if at all possible?
NOTE: Clearly it makes more sense to edit the .c file directly since (I think) the .tlc is just some sort of wrapper for the .c. But I could not find it, so I went ahead and modified the .tlc instead. This is the project I'm assisting with:

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Karthik S S
Karthik S S on 24 Mar 2017
The .tlc file is just a template for the created mex file and s-function. It is used for code generation of the s-function you have created from mex file. So editing a .tlc file is not suggested. You will have to make any changes directly to the c file and then create the subsequent mex file, s-function and .tlc file for the new .c code.
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Matthieu Capuano
Matthieu Capuano on 24 Mar 2017
Okay, so then I need to obtain the source sfun_px4_pwm.c file. How can I go about doing that? The PSP Installation only came with the .tlc and .mex files.

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