How do I get the file date and time

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Norbert on 23 Mar 2012
Edited: Tony Jiang on 2 Jun 2016
Hello folks,
in my Simulink model I want to create a block which will read from a file from time to time. The file will not be updated every time the block runs, so in order to save the performance for fopen'ing the file I would just like to check on the file date and time.
Is there any handy Matlab function which will return the file's date and time as a number (e.g. double, 32 bit int etc.)
This is for Matlab / Simulink R2012a, running on WinXP.
Thanks for any hints

Accepted Answer

TAB on 23 Mar 2012
FileInfo = dir('YourFileWithExtention');
TimeStamp =;
By the way, in which block of simulink you are using fopen.
[Edited 26 Mar, 2012]
% Get individual components of date & time in 1 Sec resolution
FileInfo = dir('YourFileWithExtention');
[Y, M, D, H, MN, S] = datevec(FileInfo.datenum);
Declare datevec as extrinsic before using.
Jan on 26 Mar 2012
The datenum field contains even fractional seconds.

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Norbert on 26 Mar 2012
Since I only need to detect a change of the file I will now use the Bytes field of the structure and check for a change of size, this will also work for me.
Btw. I am not sure I understand your question. I use a "Matlab Function" block. I have to declare the fopen as "extrinsic" though.

Tony Jiang
Tony Jiang on 2 Jun 2016
Edited: Tony Jiang on 2 Jun 2016
datestr(,29) will report the date only without the time info. you can play with the different formatting in datestr though..

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