Detecting circles and lines in a image

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Shilpa Sharma
Shilpa Sharma on 28 Mar 2017
Answered: Santhana Raj on 31 Mar 2017
The user is suppose to upload a image. I need the program to check the image if it contains any circle or line patterns. I have used Gabor filter to detect lines of the image and circular Hough Transform for circles. I need to combine the two such that the if circles are detected, it goes to the CHT part else gabor filter is used. But circles are detected in the images consisting only lines. How can I distinguish lines and circles and reduce the error that is produced?

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Santhana Raj
Santhana Raj on 31 Mar 2017
You can use Hough transform to detect lines also. Instead of gabor, use a universal hough transform to detect both lines and circles.

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