How do export data from a frest.Sinestream function

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I am trying to export data from the input = frest.Sinestream. I have used ts = generateTimeseries(input) but it changes the sample rate from the original frest.Sinestream data. Plus I can not export the time column when using Is there a way to directly export the frest.Sinestream data with time?

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Vandana Ravichandran
Vandana Ravichandran on 12 Apr 2017
generateTimeseries does not change the sample rate with reference to the original Sinestream input. For e.g. I tried the following:
>> input = frest.Sinestream('Amplitude',1e-3,'Frequency',logspace(1,3,50),...
>> ts = generateTimeseries(input);
>> figure;
>> plot(input);
>> figure;
>> plot(ts);
Both the figures look exactly the same. Also, the following commands work fine in MATLAB:
>> y =;
>> x = ts.time;
Also you can use "dlmwrite" function if you want to export timeseries data to a file:
>> dlmwrite('test',[ts.time]);

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