Error while conditional compilation of float values.

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I am using IHME- (R2011b) version of polyspace. My code has conditional compilation part where it compares(<= or >=) two float values in #if condition. The polyspace throws error as "expression must have integral type" while compilation. Is there any way to allow float comparision in polyspace?

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Vandana Ravichandran
Vandana Ravichandran on 12 Apr 2017
Edited: Vandana Ravichandran on 12 Apr 2017
While comparing floating-point numbers, it is invalid to use equality (==) or inequality (!=). There are two exceptions to this: when one of the operands is 0.0 because zero can be represented exactly, and when comparing a variable against itself such as foo == foo or foo != foo. However, it should be possible to use a different operator such as '>' or '<'.
Refer to the example listed on the following page:
Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros on 14 Apr 2017
Hi vishwajit,
can you confirm that the floats are used in the preprocessor directives like:
#if VALUE >= 1.0
If yes, what is the name of your compiler?
And can you show me the #if line?

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