How to set excel cell color to red from Matlab?

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Derek Jing
Derek Jing on 17 Mar 2011
Commented: Guillaume on 18 Jan 2017
According to excel color index, the color index for red is 3.
In VBA, I can easily set red color, but in matlab code, I tried different numbers for Interior.ColorIndex, never got red color.
Anyone can tell me why? Thanks a lot.

Accepted Answer

Jiro Doke
Jiro Doke on 17 Mar 2011
This works for me:
% Connect to Excel
Excel = actxserver('excel.application');
% Get Workbook object
WB = Excel.Workbooks.Open(fullfile(pwd, 'Book1.xlsx'),0,false);
% Set the color of cell "A1" of Sheet 1 to RED
WB.Worksheets.Item(1).Range('A1').Interior.ColorIndex = 3;
% Save Workbook
% Close Workbook
% Quit Excel
Guillaume on 18 Jan 2017
@JonSnow, please start your own question so that whoever answers your problem can get reputation points.
In particular, your code is not the same at all as the one Jiro wrote. The error is correct, Worksheets is not a member of the Workbooks collection (it's a member of Workbook, a completely different class)
Item(1) is a property of the Worksheets collection and returns the first Worksheet in that collection. In VBA you can directly access it as Worksheets(1) as it is the default property of the collection. Matlab does not understand default property, so you have to use its name to access it.
For a more detailed answer, as said, start your own question.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Oct 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 24 Oct 2016
Following along with Jiro's solution:
The list of color index values and associated colors can be found at . There are 56 predefined colors.
You can also set the RGB color more directly. If you have R, G, and B in the 0 to 255 range, then:
C = double(R) * 256^0 + double(G) * 256^1 + double(B) * 256^2;
WB.Worksheets.Item(1).Range('A1').Interior.Color = C;
This is backwards of the typical order, but I have confirmed it works.

KRUNAL on 30 Jul 2014
Hi Jiro,tell me what if the range is unknown? or to put it in a better way, if one wants to color only those cells that have specific strings characters in them. I did try xlsfont, but it does not work if I want to do
In ActiveX server too it is asking for range. What do you suggest to do? Do you think it can be done in some another way?

Prabhakaran thirugnanam
Prabhakaran thirugnanam on 24 Oct 2016
What should be colorindex for other colors?

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