Standalone program using Matlab(GUI) and Arduino.

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Walid Elshemy
Walid Elshemy on 22 Apr 2017
Commented: ksol on 7 Oct 2019
I have built a matlab code with gui. It is connected to arduino. it works well on the matlab environment. but when i try to make a standalone program using deploytool, the program(gui) opens but it can not connect to arduino. matlab runtime is installed.

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Ankita Nargundkar
Ankita Nargundkar on 27 Apr 2017
Unfortunately, this is not supported. The standalone application will not be able to connect to arduino because it cannot access the support package functionalities.Support package for Arduino is not deployable
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ksol on 7 Oct 2019
The current answer from the support is:
Starting with R2019b you can compile the Arduino Support Package.

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