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Removal of RT_MODEL variables in code generation

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byungkeuk cho
byungkeuk cho on 26 Apr 2017
Commented: Asang singh on 26 Aug 2019
I have a question about the usage of reusable function setting in the code interface packaging option for embedded code generation. What i found is that RT_MODEL variable is included in the arguments of the function for the generated code as attached in a file. How can i remove this RT_MODEL variable from the argument?

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Asang singh
Asang singh on 26 Aug 2019
Hello byungkeuk,
Currently, I am facing the same problem, I want to know how you removed the rt_model from the step and initialize function.

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Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 28 Apr 2017
Hi byungkeuk,
Code Reusability allows you to receive model data by function arguments. To do so, it creates a real time model object (model_M).
I think you are trying to create a reusable "function" which can just accept inputs and outputs. You can do so by using a "Nonreusable" code interface and just configuring model Functions by using the "Configure Model Functions" button. This allows you to choose a function prototype. You can select "Model Specific C prototypes" and then choose the input and output arguments of the step function. More information can be found at the following link:
Hope this helps!

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CMike on 30 Aug 2018
Hi Prashant and byungkeuk,
Is there another way? Because if I do try this it changes the initialize() function too, in way that the external Inputs and Outputs disappear.
from this..
void initialize ()
// external inputs
Model_U.In1 = 0.0;
// external outputs
Model_Y.Out1 = 0.0;
to this...
void initialize ()
// inputs and outputs disappeared
Do I have to add this as 'custom code' by myself, or does initialization works after this change completely different?

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