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Array resets after deliberately changing it and i dont want it to

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James Lee
James Lee on 26 Apr 2017
Answered: Will Nitsch on 1 May 2017
Im trying to use matlab to solve a Rubiks Cube by basically checking what colour a piece is and then doing the appropriate moves to position it correctly, however my cube resets to its original scramble after every move, how do I stop this. Heres my code:
if RC(6,5)==3 && RC(7,5)==1 %if one piece is in (6,5) and one piece is in (7,5)
D2(RC) %Rotate down face twice
pause(n) %(Resets here to original scramble)
BA(RC) %Rotate back face anticlockwise
pause(n) %(Resets here to original scramble)
L2(RC) %Rotate left face twice

Answers (1)

Will Nitsch
Will Nitsch on 1 May 2017
Are you able to provide some more information about the functions you are using ('D2','BA','L2', etc.)? It seems unlikely that the 'pause' function would be causing your 'RC' variable to reset each time it is called, as that should only insert a delay in your script's execution.


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