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Measurement Computing DAQ: USB-1608FS-PLUS not recognized.

Asked by Bjartmar Harðarson on 26 Apr 2017
Latest activity Answered by Ghaith Matalkah on 13 Aug 2018

I have the latest version of Matlab 2017a (9.2) installed with

According to the documentation for the Support Package for Measurement Computing , it is supposed to support the USB-1608FS-PLUS DAQ. But Matlab doesn't seem find the DAQ. I'm sure that I have the packages installed correctly.

>> daq.getVendors()
ans = 
Number of vendors: 2
index ID  Operational           Comment          
----- --- ----------- ---------------------------
1     ni  true        National Instruments
2     mcc true        Measurement Computing Corp.

I've been using National Instruments USB-6008 Data Acquisition DAQ with no trouble.

When using the DAQami software from MCC - I find the USB-1608FS-PLUS DAQ and am able to acquire the signal as expected.

I would really want to use Matlab for acquiring the data. Can anyone help me on this?


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3 Answers

Answer by Tushar Upadhyay on 1 May 2017

Please execute the below commands:

>> daq.getDevices

The above command should list the MCC device.

If it does not get detected in the above command, then for your Measurement Computing device to appear in the output of the daq.getDevices function, you must first detect it in InstaCal. ​ If it appears in InstaCal and still not in the MATLAB, then please provide InstaCal version and output of the below command:



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Answer by Morteza Mohammadjavadi on 1 Dec 2017
Edited by Morteza Mohammadjavadi on 1 Dec 2017


I have the same problem, have you found any solution? I am using: MATLAB version: 9.3(R2017b)

Name: 'Data Acquisition Toolbox' Version: '3.12' MCC, USB-1208FS-Plus

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Hi there,

I have the same device(MCC, USB-1208FS-Plus) and the same MATLAB version(R2017b) you use. I am having the same problem as you had. I wonder if you found a solution for that. If you did, can you share it with me please? Thank you!!!

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Answer by Ghaith Matalkah on 13 Aug 2018

A system restart did for me!


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