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Unable to find cl.exe while l download matconvnet

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I have installed mingw4.9,2,but when I download matconvnet,I receive an error message like this.How should I do ???

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Jan on 27 Apr 2017
Edited: Jan on 27 Apr 2017
The first point in case of troubles is reading the documentation. See help vl_compilenn:
% Compilation on Windows with MinGW compiler (the default mex compiler in
% Matlab) is not supported. For Windows, please reconfigure mex to use
% Visual Studio C/C++ compiler.
The second step would to search in the forum or in the internet. You will find e.g.: Answers:unable-to-find-cl-exe-executing-vl_compilenn.
hedva on 27 Apr 2017
matlab2015b. mex cannot find VS compiler.I changed my VS to 2013.It still uses should I do ?
Jan on 27 Apr 2017
@hedva: "Changed my VS to 2013" is vague only. The list of supported compilers mentions VS 2013 professional: . So please explain, if you mean the professional version or not.
I'd prefer the SDK7.1, although the installation is not trivial (see ).
Please do not let the readers guess what you are doing. If you "have changed" the compiler, what does "it still uses mingw" mean? I cannot read the messages on your screen, so please post them.

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Lingling Ge
Lingling Ge on 13 Aug 2018
I have met the same question as you in a Window environment. If you want to VS compiler, you would better remove the mingw. Because I found that the cl_path was always pointed to where mingw located. Then you'd better check environment variable to ensure that's right. If that doesn't work, you need to check that whether you have successfully installed the VS compiler. Because you are sure to find the cl.exe under ...\VC\bin\amd64 if you have. Finally, you can run vl_compilenn.m.

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