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How do I create an multiple instance learning data file from image

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Hello All,
I'm new using Matlab. How to create Multiple instances learning data format from the image?
Thank you Best Regards, Anwar

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Mehmet Akif Alper
Mehmet Akif Alper on 16 Oct 2018
Edited: Mehmet Akif Alper on 16 Oct 2018
you should label your images manually, yu can create MIL input data and output data. Then, you can test your algorithm with test data. maybe several images can be a bag and if at least one image in a bag has labeled positive, yu should label the bag as a positive

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Will Nitsch
Will Nitsch on 12 May 2017
Can you be more specific? Please provide the image and then a thorough description of what you intend to do. What do you mean, "multiple instances of learning data from the image"? I imagine you may be able to extract data by indexing but it is impossible to know from your description of the problem.
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Annas Anwar
Annas Anwar on 18 May 2017
Hello Will Nitsch,
Actually, I would like to try PRTools to running Multiple Instance Learning but I would like to create input data from Images.

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