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Correlation Coeff of matrices

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Alex Flores
Alex Flores on 10 May 2017
Commented: Alex Flores on 11 May 2017
So I had to create 3 normal distribution matrices of size [1,1000]: x1=normrnd(0,1,[1,1000]) x2=normrnd(0,1,[1,1000]) x3= x1+x2 I made a scatterplot of x1 and x3 but now I have to find the correlation coefficients of x1 and x3. I tried doing corrcoef(x1) and corrcoef(x3) but I either get all 0's or all 1's. Are there different ways of calculating correlation coefficients of matrices?

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Santhana Raj
Santhana Raj on 11 May 2017
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Alex Flores
Alex Flores on 11 May 2017
I did that but it doesn't seem like the right way to do it since i keep getting 0 as my answer

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