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I need to remove a parameter from workspace.. the parameter name is saved in a variable 'param_name' which is of course also in workspace. At a given moment I need to remove this parameter, but I can refer to it only by using my variable 'param_name'. How is this possible? I tried clearvars param_name but everybody knows that the result of this will be the removing of the variable 'param_name'.
Thanks! Diana

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson on 30 Mar 2012
Use functional syntax
instead of command syntax.
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Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 30 Mar 2012
Thanks! I appreciate your help!

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Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 2 Apr 2012
And I got stuck... functions do not share the same workspace..
In my app I need to select a variable (which contains the name of a parameter from workspace) from a listbox (I sent this variable in workspace using assignin) and next I want to change the parameter name. After changing the name I want to delete from workspace the parameter which name is contained in the selected variable. All these steps are done in different functions. In my ChangeParameterName workspace function I don't have that parameter saved.
Is possible somehow to search in all "workspaces" that I have, from each function, and delete my parameter directly in this function where I change the name? Even if in this workspace ChangeParameterName function my parameter is not appearing?
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Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 2 Apr 2012
Solved the problem:
evalin('base',['clear ',(VarName)])
This is what I used, where VarName contains the name of the parameter desired to be deleted

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