Saving a figure in full screen size?

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Giuseppe Papari
Giuseppe Papari on 16 May 2017
Commented: Surama Biswas on 10 Mar 2021
I am trying to save a matlab figure in PNG format, I wish to have a full screen size image. I have tried the following two scripts, in both cases the figure is visualized in full screen size, but the PNG file I get is smaller. Could anyone help me to fix this issue?
I thank you in advance. Giuseppe
figure('units','normalized','outerposition',[0 0 1 1])
plot([0,1], [0,1])
print('foos', '-dpng', '-r0');
figure; set(gcf, 'Position', get(0, 'Screensize'));
plot([0,1], [0,1])
print('foos', '-dpng', '-r0');

Accepted Answer

Jan on 16 May 2017
FigH = figure('Position', get(0, 'Screensize'));
F = getframe(FigH);
imwrite(F.cdata, 'Foos.png', 'png')
Surama Biswas
Surama Biswas on 10 Mar 2021
How about if i want to save the image after imwrite?

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Sarwan ali
Sarwan ali on 24 Jan 2019
To extend the answer from Jan, you can also use "saveas" command instead of imwrite
FigH = figure('Position', get(0, 'Screensize'));
saveas(FigH, 'Foos.png','png');

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