How can i match a value in variable with data stored in database?

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Rya on 17 May 2017
Commented: Rya on 31 May 2017
I have created automated number plate detection application after no plate extraction I have created database which holds record of registered car no only, Now i want to check whether the extracted number lies within the database or not

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Accepted Answer

MathReallyWorks on 17 May 2017
Hello Dear,
Use this code with some changes as per your requirement:
clear all
X = [1 323 2 44 3 66 77 88 2 1 2 3 34 56 78 5 7 4 44 28]; %DataBase
b = input('enter the number you want to check:');
n = find(X==b);
A = isempty(X(n));
if A==1
disp('The number is not present in database');
disp('The number is present in database');

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