Wavelet and hdl coder

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TrilGiu on 17 May 2017
Commented: Aloka Perera on 21 Aug 2019
Hi, I'm new to use the HDL coder.The val vector is sine with noise .My problem in fixed-point conversion :
function base=baseline(val)
for i=1:f(1);e(i)=0;
Expression must be numeric. Found it to be
embedded.fi {ufix5}
Possible error? Thank you
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Aloka Perera
Aloka Perera on 21 Aug 2019
did you find a way to sort this out ?/

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Answers (1)

Yuebin Zhou
Yuebin Zhou on 23 May 2017
You can check the documentation of wavedec and waverec and see if you passed in the right arguments.

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