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MP on 18 May 2017
Answered: Sebastian Kammer on 22 May 2017
Hi, when building simulink models for the Rapid Accelerator mode, I would like to activate multi-core build, if possible. My memory tells me that is was possible for older Matlab versions. In my current version (2016b), I can't find such an option any more. Using VS 2013 toolchain.
How can I make my models build using all the cores I have in my computer? (Optimization settings are set)

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Sebastian Kammer
Sebastian Kammer on 22 May 2017
Hi MP,
When you say "multi-core" build, are you referring to speeding up the build process using multiple cores, or do you mean the built model should run on multiple cores?
For the former, please refer to the documentation on reducing build time .
For the latter, there is extensive documentation on how to deploy a Simulink model to benefit from multicore capabilities.
I hope this helps.


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