Matlab and Arduino wireless communication

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Itziar Uzqueda
Itziar Uzqueda on 19 May 2017
Answered: Yuebin Zhou on 23 May 2017
Hi everybody!
I have an ultrasonic sensor in Arduino UNO board sending distance data over bluetooth every 50ms and I'm receiving them in matlab GUI in real time. It seems to work well but the problem is that in matlab the sampling time is not constant and I think it is because of the propagation delay or something like that. I would be very greatful if any of you could tell me how can I set this time without missing samples.
Thank you

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Yuebin Zhou
Yuebin Zhou on 23 May 2017
MATLAB is not designed for real-time processing, so exact real-time update may be not guaranteed. Also, you may also want to check if the response from Arduino is in equal intervals through command line, this could help isolate the problem from the GUI.

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