Adaptive MPC input x[k|k] with mismatching dimensions

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I am having problems with input dimension to the Adaptive MPC block in Simuink. Plant matrices: A=[12x12], B=[12x4], C=[12x12], D=[12x4]. Controller: Disable Kalman filter in MPC block allowing for me to use a custom state estimator.
The error can be seen in the picture below. Why does the MPC block want an input of 20 elements when my system clearly has dimension of 12 states? Anybody had similar problems?

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Sebastian Kammer
Sebastian Kammer on 22 May 2017
Hi Alexander,
The reason for this error message is that the block is expecting the so-called "Controller States", which include the plant, disturbance and noise model states, not just the plant states.
If you refer to the documentation of this block, more specifically to the section "Measured output or State estimate", you will notice the following statement.
"... Checking this option changes the label on this inport to x[k|k]. Connect a signal that provides estimates of the controller state (plant, disturbance, and noise model states). ..."
The documentation page for Controller State Estimation provides more details about the structure and contents of the controller state.
I hope this helps.
Mário Morais
Mário Morais on 13 Mar 2018
Hi alexander!
I'm having troubles with tihs controller too, then I would like if it is possible that you share your scripts and simulink files to get a idea how to turn my simulation functional.
OBS: I'm asking it because I'm working in a assignment classof my Digital control class and I need some extra points to pass.

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