Simulink Coder generating C code with explicit function interface, not struct. Is it possible?

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With Simulink a simple add funtion, and the Coder generating C code like this:
void myadd_step(void)
/* Outport: '<Root>/c' incorporates:
* Inport: '<Root>/a'
* Inport: '<Root>/b'
* Sum: '<S1>/Add'
myadd_Y.c = myadd_U.a + myadd_U.b;
Can I with some configuration to make the generating code like this:
float my_add(float a, float b)
return a+b;
I know that Matlab Coder can do this, wondering if Simulink can do this also?

Accepted Answer

Sebastian Kammer
Sebastian Kammer on 22 May 2017
Hi there,
It is possible to achieve this kind of function signature when generating code from a Simulink model, however you need to generate code using Embedded Coder instead of Simulink Coder. Using Simulink coder will give you a similar syntax, although it will not be the same.
In any case, the key is to create an "Atomic Subsystem" and do the calculation in there. Then, in the Subsystem Block Parameters, in the Code Generation tab, you should set "Function packaging" to "Reusable function" .
Please refer to Simulink documentation if you are not familiar with Subsystems.
I hope this helps.

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