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Runtime Problem with function movefile()

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MrMedTech on 20 May 2017
Answered: MrMedTech on 31 May 2017
Hey there, I'm reordering folders and rename them. Therefor I use movefile(). The weird thing is that if I run my code in debug mode linewise, everything works fine but when running it normaly, nothing happens. I also checked the flags set bei die funcion. The error that occurs is status 0 and that an activation key can't be found. Anyone an idea? I also tried waitfor and pause but nothing changed.
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Jan on 21 May 2017
Please post the code and a complete copy of the error message. "An activation key"??? This sounds such strange, that you should be very curious. Is there any eval or assignin in the code?
Why do you assume that the runtime is the problem? I do not see any evidence for this yet.
Didn't I post an asnwer to this problem already? If so, please add a link to the other thread. Thanks.

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Abhinav Gurram
Abhinav Gurram on 22 May 2017
As Jan pointed out, this issue doesn't necessarily look like something that is being caused due to MATLAB Runtime, unless you are trying to run this code outside of MATLAB, as a standalone application. Therefore, I am writing this answer assuming that you have built a standalone application and are facing issues. Be advised that path management works differently in deployed standalone applications, hence, something that works in MATLAB using relative paths might not work in a standalone application. If possible, make sure you are using complete/absolute/full paths, as opposed to relative paths. You can view the following article to understand path management in deployed applications: Path Management
The fact that you are receiving a licensing error might also be occurring if you do not have a MATLAB Compiler license.
However, if you are building a standalone, please post a detailed description of the issue, and sample code if possible.
Hope this helps!

MrMedTech on 31 May 2017
Hey guys, I'm using a german matlab version and the error that occurs is:
Der angeforderte Nachschlageschlüssel konnte in keinem aktiven Aktivierungskontext gefunden werden.
I guess this could be translated with something like:
The requested searchkey couldn't be found in any activ activationcontext.
I hope you guys know what I mean. medtech

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