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Problem in Interfacing MindWave- NeuroSky

Asked by Prajna Upadhyaya on 25 May 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 9 Mar 2019
After interfacing the mindwave mobile the following error is generated:
Error using loadlibrary
No supported compiler or SDK was found. You can install the freely available MinGW-w64 C/C++ compiler; see Install
MinGW-w64 Compiler. For more options, visit
Error in loadlibrary
Error in readRAW (line 26)
Inspite of downloading the MinGW-w64 Compiler. The same error appears. Kindly provide your assistance.


thinkgear.dll appears to be 32 bit only.
I have the same issue. Did you find the solution?

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1 Answer

Answer by Rylan Dmello on 1 Jun 2017

As Walter mentioned, it is not possible to load a 32-bit shared library (DLL) into a 64-bit version of MATLAB using the loadlibrary command.
MATLAB R2015b was the last MATLAB release which had a 32-bit version. Therefore, you should install a 32-bit MATLAB which is R2015b or older.
After doing this, you might not need to install a new 32-bit compatible compiler since 32-bit MATLAB versions usually have the 'lcc-win32' compiler installed by default. See the 'supported compilers' page corresponding to your MATLAB release for more information about this:
Please note that loadlibrary has a few different limitations for importing C DLLs into MATLAB:
The above link can help verify if your header file and DLL is compatible with MATLAB's loadlibrary function.


After running it with respect to 32 bit matlab the following error was found:
thinkgear.dll loaded ThinkGear DLL version: 21 Error using calllib Library was not found
Error in readRAW (line 36) connectionId1 = calllib('thinkgear64', 'TG_GetNewConnectionId');
Odd that the same source code would call upon thinkgear.dll and thinkgear64.dll

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