How to create a worldmap with color gradient ?

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Hello all,
I use the function borders, and i try to create a worldmap but i can only put basic color on the map. I would like have a color gradient that evolve with a value associated to the country.
This is my code :
for i = 1 : length(unique(,3)));
for p = 1 : 204;
borders(SF3.meta_info{5, 1}{1+p,1},'facecolor',COLOR{SF4(p,3)});
SF3.meta_info{5, 1}{1+p,1} : this is my country name COLOR{SF4(p,3)} : color associated to the country.
Perhaps that a function named ' colorbar' may help me but i don't know how to use it in this case.
Thank you for your answers

Answers (1)

Shruti Shivaramakrishnan
Shruti Shivaramakrishnan on 12 Jun 2017
Hello Thomas, 
I believe that the "contourcmap" function might be helpful in this case:
Also, if you are looking at individual patches, the "patchesm" function might be helpful:
Furthermore, if you would like to work with worldmaps, the "geoshow" function could be useful:
The above documentation links contain examples regarding how to create a worldmap with different color settings and includes using different types of options as well depending on the use case. 
I have also found a file-exchange submission that may help:
Please note that file-exchange submissions would be considered third-party submissions.

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