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Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 3 Apr 2012
I'll present my question with an example.
I create parameter: x=1; now we have the possibility to see in workspace, among many others, the class of this parameter which automatically will be 'double'.
I have this parameter in a Simulink model, where I use it as an int8. Next I want to determine the byte size for this parameter x.
But the problem is that in Matlab workspace the data type of parameter x is double. I need to change the class from double to int8 (adapt it as in the Simulink model).
How can I do this considering that x=1 is in workspace as a parameter and I have another 2 variables: var_param_name=x (type char) and var_data_type=int8 (type char). I managed to obtain these 2 variables from workspace with find_system command.
Thanks! Diana

Accepted Answer

Acreala Anca
Acreala Anca on 3 Apr 2012
So you have a = 1 in you workspace which is a double. You also have b = 'int8' which is a char.
I think you can use the eval command which will execute a string command. So this means that you have to create your command as a string.
c = strcat(b,'(',int2str(a),')')
This will actually store into your workspace a 'c' string with the value:
c = 'int8(1)'
Now you can simply pass this string to the eval command.
So a = eval (c), and there it is:
a = 1, as an int8. :D
Good luck!
Anca Acreala
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Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 3 Apr 2012
Thank you very much for your help!! :D

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 3 Apr 2012
Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but to create an int8 value in MATLAB, you simply need to use:
>> x = int8(1);

Diana Acreala
Diana Acreala on 3 Apr 2012
I need to use the two variables: var_param_name=x (type char) and var_data_type=int8 (type char); Can't do x = int8(x); directly...


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